7 Strategies To Overcome Your Fears To Become A Skydiver

1. Understand Fear

For an emotion experienced by every human being, and quite regularly, it is remarkably misunderstood. And until we truly understand it, we have a very limited ability to control, manage and change the patterns of response.

Fear is a dance of neurophysiology and psychology; a chemical goulash in the brain with the most primal design to keep you safe. It immediately enables us to identify danger and react in the moment to preserve our current state.

But the problem is fear primitive; it’s not intelligent nor evolutionary. Fear only understands heights and the... More Info

8 Reasons Why Alberta Skydive is Canada’s Best Skydive Center

Approximately 35,000 Canadians venture to skydive schools across the country annually in search of an adrenaline filled rite of passage. While there are many options for those that seek such adventure, there can only be one skydiving center that is the best in the country. Alberta Skydive has built its adventure playground to give the very best experience for first time jumpers.

1. Highest Jumps in Canada
There is no other experience that is comparable to your first skydive. It’s an incredible experience... More Info

9 Things About You That Will Change After Skydiving

The big moments in life: first time driving, graduating, scoring the game winning goal, traveling internationally; they change you forever. If you’re an adventurous soul and decide to try skydiving, that too, will change you in many ways.

1. You’ll change how you approach your fears
Fear of heights, or acrophobia, is one of the most common phobias. And of course, almost everyone has some fear of their own mortality. The risk profile for skydiving is extremely misconstrued with the... More Info

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