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Dropzone Information

Alberta Skydive Central is the newest mega dropzone in Canada. It is the result of a merger between three large and awesome skydive centers: Edmonton Skydive, Skydive Big Sky and Calgary Skydive. We’ve combined all of the team, all of the aircraft with the best infrastructure at the most central location for Calgary and Edmonton: Innisfail Airport. We are now one of the largest skydive centers in Canada.

The most freefall (we do the highest skydives in the country), have one of the most stacked events calendar with some of the industry’s biggest names, one of continent’s longest running Canopy Piloting circuit, a very strong and dynamic swoop community (and a gigantic pond) and a large crew of talented freeflyers. Combine this with an active (sometimes legendary) après culture, and you have yourself a new home dropzone!

Alberta Skydive Central operates out of the Innisfail Airport, about one hour north of downtown Calgary and about 1 hour 20 minutes south of downtown Edmonton. We are full service skydive center open 6 days/week (from May-October; 3 days/week in April). We’re super stoked to welcome fun jumpers of all experience, disciplines and backgrounds, as well as novice and student skydivers (we have the largest student training program in Canada). We’re looking forward to flying with you!

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DZ Facilities

Aircraft, infrastructure, gear, camping and local details.


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Dropzone Rules

Due to air traffic and runway placement, landing patterns will always be on the buildings side (east) of the runway. North landings are right hand patterns, while south landings are left hand patterns. Directions for east or west patterns will be determined on the day. It is your responsibility to know the indicated landing pattern prior to takeoff. No sashaying, braked approaches, spirals or crossing the runway below 1000 feet.

While high performance turns are allowed, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the airspace is clear. Swooping is not a right. You must abort your turn if there is any traffic whatsoever. Jumpers approved by the CI or DZO may complete downwind landings but only on a dedicated low pass.

Everything, including yourself, must be secured for taxi and takeoff. Seat belts, helmets and all accessories must be fastened and secured until 1500 feet. Pre-exit handles and pin checks are mandatory. Proper exit separation is required. Prior to boarding, you must know the required exit separation for the day/aircraft, and communicate with other jumpers in terms of jump type, flight direction and any unique characteristics of the skydive.

Minimum deployment altitude is 3000 feet for all jumpers regardless of license


You must complete our Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Waiver prior to manifesting. Please complete prior to arriving at the DZ. You must also receive a DZ Briefing and Orientation prior to your first jump. You must have and present a valid CSPA membership and license (or foreign equivalents) in order to complete check-in and be manifested for a load. It is your responsibility to have gear that complies with all standard CSPA BSRs and is airworthy. Otherwise, you forfeit the privilege to jump at ASC. Automatic Activation Devices (AADs) are mandatory for jumpers that have less than 500 jumps or a “C” Cop (or equivalent). All gear must be airworthy and You must be properly trained, endorsed and have the skill set to fly your gear. If you are using new gear, you must be trained and endorsed by an Alberta Skydive Central instructor prior to using it on a skydive. If you are a student or solo licensed skydivers, you must meet CSPA currency requirements or complete the necessary retraining prior to jumping.

DZ Check In

Please help us check you in and get you on the airplane as fast as possible. In order to facilitate a quick check-in process, we ask that you complete your waiver online prior to arriving, ensure that you bring all of your up to date documentation (CSPA or foreign membership and license) with you to manifest. A new/updated waiver and presentation of your membership and license are required at the start of every season/year.

To get familiarized with our DZ, you can watch this orientation video.A full DZ briefing is required prior to doing your first skydive here. It is your responsibility to ensure you understand the operational flow, DZ rules, hazards and off-DZ landing options. Do not get in one of our airplanes unless you do fully understand all of the above.

Dropzone Amenities

Alberta Skydive Central has extremely modern, best in class facilities with a gigantic hangar and packaging area (16,000 sq ft), large landing area, restaurant and bar, wifi and a large collection of awesome airlift.


# of Jumpers

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