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Skydive GCs change lives. Watch!

The Gift of Adventure

Beautiful things happen to you if you do good things for other people.

Looking to reclaim favourite child status, impress the boss or get yourself out of the doghouse with your spouse? Whether you’re in it to impress, make up for a past transgression, looking to ride the karma train or you’re just a rad person, the best gift to give is a skydive gift card. Giving the gift of human flight means you’re about to claim best present giver EVER!

Did you know that science has proven that giving epic experiences are the most memorable and best gifts. Researchers from Harvard, Cornell and the University of Toronto have all come to the same conclusion: experiences make us happy and are memorable. You can’t argue with science’s “Five Reasons Why Skydive Gift Cards Make The Best Presents”.

Life is a boomerang. What you give, you get (and we could all use some more adventure).

Gift Card Options


» Tandem Skydive «

A ticket to fulfill childhood dreams and explore your inner superhero

The highest skydive in Canada: A 14,000 foot, 60+ second, 200km/h freefall + a 3-5 minute parachute flight.

$299 per*

» Tandem Skydive + Top Gun Video/Picture Package «

For the present that slays all other presents. Live their biggest life adventure in moving and still pictures.

The highest skydive in Canada: 14,000 foot tandem skydive + 5 minute selfie style HD video and approximately 100 high resolution pictures on a 8GB USB drive.

$424 per*

» Tandem Skydive + Ace Video/Picture Package «

All of the badass cred for a present of a lifetime with proof from every perspective.

The highest skydive in Canada: a 14,000 foot tandem skydive + both third jumper and instructor camera angles for double freefall, parachute flight and landing + 200 high resolution pictures of the entire jump

The ultimate package to make Facebook and Instagram blow up.

$524 per*


» AFF Level 1 «

For the person that wants to give that epic gift but your special someone is already deep down the adventure train and maybe already did a tandem jump.

AFF Level 1 includes ground school and the Level 1 jump putting your giftee well on their way to earning lfe’s most badass license.

$580 per*

» AFF Full Package «

For the “I owe you” or “you saved my life” kind of present. The Mother of all presents.

The AFF Full package is a 9 level, 9 jump program that takes you from ground dweller to a licensed human flight pilot.

$2,114 per*

» Any Dollar Amount «

For the person that ust wants to give an adventurous present but doesn’t know what option to pick this is for you.

Or maybe one of your crazy family members is a licensed skydiver and you know that this is what they want.

Select any dollar amount at all. Go ahead, make it weird number. Just because.

$XXX per*

Ultimate Risk-Free Experiential Gift Certificate

Risk Free

Never expire (dollar value of the purchase will always be on account).
Replaceable if lost, misplaced or stolen.
Non refundable, but transferable to friends or family.

Personalize & Customize

  1. Customize with a personal message.
  2. Choose your delivery option (email or physical copy).
  3. Multiple packages, options or dollar denominations available.

Unlock Ultimate Gifter Status

Demonstrate authentic thoughtfulness with a once in a lifetime experience.
Go next level by making it an adventurous bonding experience and jump too.
Drop the best present for that special occasion bachelor or bachelorette party, new house, graduation or retirement – it’ll be an immortalized event!

Five Big Reasons Why Skydive Gift Cards Make the Best Presents!


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