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Skydive Prices

Since you only get to do your first jump once, make sure it’s the best possible experience with twice the freefall, and Rocky Mountain views at the top rated skydive school in the country! At Alberta Skydive Central you should expect the best skydiving experience in Canada.

We start the experience before you arrive. We’ve created resources to educate you about your first jump experience, tools to make it easy to book, manage and grow your own group of jumpers. And from the moment you walk into our ultra modern, best in class skydive facilities, you’ll know you’ve picked the right place for a once in lifetime experience.

Facilities, aircraft and jump altitude aside, it’s the people that make the experience. We search the globe to hire the most experienced and stoked on life instructors that understand the privilege of introducing people to the glorious world of human flight.

Group Pricing



» Individuals «

(1 jumper)

10,000 Foot Skydive
40 second freefall + 3-5 min parachute flight 


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» Small Groups «

(2-10 jumpers)

10,000 Foot Skydive
40-second of freefall + 3-5 min parachute flight


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»Large Groups/Corporate«

(10+ jumpers)

10,000 Foot Skydive
40-second freefall + 3-5 min parachute flight

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Understanding Tandem Skydive Costs

Input Costs

We don’t speak for, or about, any other skydive center but the fact remains that the input costs (airplanes, hangar, skydive equipment, good staff, etc.) for skydiving are expensive. That means that no matter where you skydive costs are going to be somewhat similar. But unlike any other experience, this will always remain as one of your top five experiences so it’s well worth it! Just remember if you’re going spend the money anyway go for the premium version!


We Don’t Discount Safety

Our airplanes maintenance schedule adheres to that set forth by Transport Canada. And our gear is maintained well beyond industry standards. We never push weather beyond safe limits because we’re a strong and healthy enough business that we can wait until tomorrow. Safety is the only way we make decisions.


Upgrade To the Premium Experience!

Upgrade your freefall to get the most extreme experience. Go beyond the industry norm to jump from 13,000 feet, to get 60% more freefall! We’re the only skydive center in Alberta offering the highest skydives in Canada. So even though you may not fly a wingsuit down a cliff or do a thousand jumps (please do though) for most people their first skydive is their only jump. So why not go for the ultimate experience? And trust us, it’s an experience that is cemented in one’s memory above even what most of us would consider big life moments. 



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