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Unlocking Human Flight

Removing our feet from the ground has been one of our most inspiring, evolutionary and progressive ventures, and it’s been one hell of a fun ride, too! Flight enamors our hearts and soul from the moment we first witness it. Our fascination in it is not nurtured; it is a part of who we are. Intuitively, we simply wonder: “how, where, why, and when”?

We’ve all donned a bed sheet and jumped from the deck as a kid dreaming to fly like Superman. That dream and imagination grew into curiousity for most of us as we attempted to understand flight. There’s a visceral beauty to flight, a surreal kind of magic. Flight has the ability to take us other places both literally and figuratively.

And while we fully understand it’s ability to transport us to other worlds, to change our societies, we overlook how it has transformed us. Imagine a world where we are free from the common restraints of gravity, linear movement and two dimensions; in which we can propel our bodies at any trajectory, at almost any speed, at any orientation, in complete control, in synchronicity with our friends. Unlocking human flight is not a mystery or a perilous activity. It is easily achieved and we’re here to be your shaman through the process, once you’re ready to do it!

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The Tandem Skydive Experience

You know what it’s like jumping off a cliff? Yeah, it’s nothing like that!

Look we’re not rocket scientists here; we can’t answer the deep questions like why does chocolate taste so good? It’s simply because it’s divine. And that’s really how you’ll feel during and after your skydive. It’s almost god-like, meditative, nirvana (the state not the depressing grunge band).

From a core biological classification, skydiving feels really good! There’s an overwhelming release of neurochemicals that flood into your body that dilate time, heighten senses, and open the flood gates of some serious kick-ass, all natural, feel good chemicals that are a tasty bite of blissfulness. There’s no prescription required for this ride. The fact is there’s really nothing exactly like the amazing feeling of skydiving. Our description can’t do it justice and we think our copywriter already knocking it out of the park.

We think skydiving is an otherworldly experience. Especially at Alberta Skydive Central where we’ve build a skydiving super center where we’ve taken every possible part of the skydive process and pushed it to premium: highest jumps in Canada, more than double freefall, most airlift in the country, beautiful mountain views, the largest full service skydive training facility in the country and a team of super stoked, highly experienced and many National Team members. If 90% of the local experienced skydivers go to one skydive center, what should that tell you? It says that we’re the bomb (you can use that word at our airport).

No matter if you end up doing just one jump or thousands, the fact is you can only do your first jump once. So please come to the skydive center that can offer you the best experience. It’s worth a little extra drive; its worth a few extra dollars (we price match so that you can experience the most from your skydive instead of settling for what you can afford so take us up on the offer).

Skydiving is the only activity, at least that we know of, that actually combines two sports into one. Freefall and the parachute (or canopy) ride are completely different sensory experiences. It’s often a very interesting split between people that have completed their first jump in terms of which they prefer. Of course, freefall is the main draw and is a paradoxically an intense, adrenaline jolt of fuck yeah but also a surprising present moment, free and zen feeling. It’s fast, loud, windy, is a fully sensory immersive and overloading experience. But when the parachute opens, your view changes (you transition from a horizontal, belly to earth position to an upright, vertical position).

Our team is full of super stoked skydivers, many of whom have made significant personal and financial sacrifices to choose to live this lifestyle. We love sharing the first skydive experience with everyone; it’s not ever job that you get to make dreams come true, sleigh bucket lists, celebrate birthdays and and collect copious amounts of hugs and high fives at work (sorry clowns, doctors, veterinarians – we win).

The Tandem Skydive Process

You’re not alone on your first jump and that’s a good thing! A lot has changed since the old days of skydiving where many of our myths and beliefs about the sport we’re forged, and still seem to carry on today. But that’s the past! Today, you don’t have to jump by yourself, open your own parachute or spend a full day in a classroom to be able to experience every sensation that trained, experienced, licensed skydivers do on every jump.


Tandem Skydiving has been well established, for more than two decades, as the safest and most exhilarating first jump experience. You’re an active participant in the skydive in that your inputs and body position, as is your instructors, will elicit an aerodynamic response. However, the Tandem Instructor has the skills, experience, positioning and awareness to take control and to ensure the safety of the duo. Consider it like a pilot and co-pilot type of relationship.


There’s really no “typical first jump experience” since its so intrinsically different for everyone, but we make sure we deliver a passionate, high energy, consistent and safe process. Here’s how it’ll go down on the day.


vancouver tandem skydive step 1

Steps: Check in, Waiver, Payment
Time: 30-45 minutes

When you arrive at Alberta Skydive Central, you’ll be walking into the front doors of the nicest skydive centers in the country. The facilities are meticulous and an accurate representation of aircraft, skydive equipment and team. The vibe we…

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vancouver tandem skydive step 2

Steps: Training, Practice, Harness
Time: 15-45 minutes

You’re all checked in, ready to fly, and suddenly you realize that you are actually about to jump out of a perfectly good airplane! Whether you’re ready to crush some Red Bulls at fly or that freaks you out a little bit, it’s all good because we’re going get…

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Aircraft Flight

vancouver tandem skydive step 3

Steps: Board, Take Off, Gear, Review
Time: 15-20 minutes

It’s Go Time, baby! We’ll board the aircraft right next to our facility and the landing area so any spectating friends or family can watch your nervous expressions as realization sets in! Alberta Skydive Central flies a variety of different aircraft (we have…

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Human Flight & Freefall

vancouver tandem skydive step 4

Steps: Human Flight
Time: 1 minute

As you fall forward out and down from the airplane you enter into the airstream created by the horizontal speed of the aircraft. Right from the exit, the sensation is different then…

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Parachute Flight

vancouver tandem skydive step 5

Steps: Deploy, Landing Pattern, Land
Time: 3-5 minutes

While freefall might entice most people to try skydiving, a surprising amount of first time jumpers enjoy the parachute ride even more than the freefall. This is one of the many hidden beauties of skydiving: it’s actually two sports in one!…

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vancouver tandem skydive step 6

Steps: De-gear, Social Media, Video Preperation, Plan Next Jump
Time: 15-30 minutes

After your very first skydive, there’s sure to be an excessive amount of adrenaline, high fives, hugs and feel good vibes! When you’re ready, you’ll make your way back into the gear area where hop one of our staff…

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Behind the Scenes

Even though many of the terms and preconceived notions that the public has about skydiving originate from the 1970s and 1980s, mostly everything: training methods, gear, training tools, aircraft and general safety rules have evolved and improved exponentially. While skydiving 30 years ago may have rightfully earned a reputation as dangerous, statistics prove that tandem skydiving is now actually one of the safest adventure activities. After you’ve been harnessed up and are waiting to board, your instructor is behind the scenes following strict safety protocols.


You’ll be riding on board with a fully certified, highly experienced (i.e. thousands of jumps) instructor that went through a rigorous training process. The tandem instructor has to demonstrate competency and skill in order to pass the course and get the rating. The process is challenging, rigorous, and overseen by the national parachuting associations (Canadian Sport Parachute Association or United States Parachute Association), while adhering to all of their safety rules. Long story short, you’re in the capable hands of professionals so smile, breath, and prepare to enjoy human flight

Safety Checks

Your instructor is performing a routine a full systems safety check prior to meeting you in the boarding area and a professional packer has already completed a full systems check as well. You’ll also receive a harness check prior to boarding, a harness adjustment prior to hook-up, and then another full systems safety check prior to leaving the aircraft. Parachute systems undergo regular inspection and maintenance on usage, time and/or prior to as needed basis by specifically trained and rated gear experts known as Parachute Riggers, Safetyt Officers and Chief Instructors

Condition Assessment

While you wait to meet your instructor in the boarding area, he or she will be getting an update on current and forecasted weather conditions. We have an array of extremely sophisticated tools to ensure we’re ahead of any potentially non-jumpable conditions. In addition to these tools, our team is in continual communication with each other from flight to flight, relaying real-time, updated weather, and air traffic variables. And of course, we’ve got on board communication and ground-to-air communication with our pilot who is also providing communication to the team and other aviation traffic.


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