8 Reasons Why Alberta Skydive is Canada’s Best Skydive Center

Approximately 35,000 Canadians venture to skydive schools across the country annually in search of an adrenaline filled rite of passage. While there are many options for those that seek such adventure, there can only be one skydiving center that is the best in the country. Alberta Skydive has built its adventure playground to give the very best experience for first time jumpers.

1. Highest Jumps in Canada There is no other experience that is comparable to your first skydive. It’s an incredible experience and we give you absolutely as much as we can (we literally cannot go any higher due to Air Traffic Control restrictions). When you jump with Alberta Skydive, you’ll get 25-90% more freefall than any other skydive center in Alberta at industry standard rates. That’s almost double the freefall from other skydive centers. And when you’re essentially paying by the second, every one counts!

2. Fastest Skydiving Airplane in Canada In most cases, the journey is more important than the destination; except in skydiving! Our Beechcraft B-90 Super King is equipped with two Dash-28 engines. Imagine strapping a jet engine to a lawnmower.  Typically, the fastest skydiving airplanes fly to 12,000 feet above the ground in about 15-18 minutes. Our airplane goes to 14,500 feet in 7-8 minutes. That means less waiting, faster turnaround and less time thinking about the jump. And of course, it means more flights every day so you can jump more if you want!  3. Impeccable Infrastructure Looks DO matter! Our office and our buildings are a direct reflection of how we operate our business. We want you to be comfortable and feel safe. When you walk into Alberta Skydive, you’ll know you’re at an operation that pays attention to the details and that is important when you’re in the parachuting business. We also provide additional amenities such as a cafe and bar to make your adventure with us more enjoyable.

4. Epic Clouds Our instructors have jumped all over the world, from Mexico to Australia to Japan and all over Europe. While every skydive center in the world has its own uniqueness, the one thing our instructors and our customers are always in complete awe is the towering, white puffy summertime clouds. Now, we can’t guarantee you’ll get to ridge run a cloud on the day of your jump but you’ll have a way better probability than pretty much anywhere else. And once you’ve freefall past a cloud at 200 km/h or fly the parachute on the very edge of a cloud

5. Consistent Weather Although many Albertans understand that weather in the province can change significantly and quickly, we actually have the most consistent weather for skydiving in the country. Even though skydiving is an outdoor activity and highly weather dependent, the probability of getting your knees in the breeze on the day of your booking is better than pretty much anywhere else in the country.   6. Beautiful Views of Prairies The Alberta prairie is absolutely gorgeous from a bird’s eye view. It’s a patchwork of colours and textures. As you fly your parachute back to the landing area, you’ll see the brightest of yellows when the canola is in full bloom.

7. Largest Skydive Training School in the West We are the largest skydive training school in Western Canada. We train and graduate more student skydivers to licensed jumpers than any other skydive center in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan or Manitoba. Our training program combines accelerated freefall training with the largest collection of Canada’s most talented parachute pilots, with extremely modern and safe equipment and a instructor crew that has an overwhelming passion for this awesome sport.

8. Rock Star Team  We make no apologies for loving our job! After all, someone has to do it and it might as well be us. Our instructor team are full time, professional skydivers, most with at least 4,000 jumps and more than 10 years in the sport. They have impeccable safety records and are overflowing with passion for the sport. Everyday we’re surrounded by people who left high-paying and high profile careers or friends and families to do what makes them happy. We’re not responsible if you catch the bug and decide to learn how to skydive and change everything about your life (for the better).  


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