9 Things About You That Will Change After Skydiving

The big moments in life: first time driving, graduating, scoring the game winning goal, traveling internationally; they change you forever. If you’re an adventurous soul and decide to try skydiving, that too, will change you in many ways.

1. You’ll change how you approach your fears Fear of heights, or acrophobia, is one of the most common phobias. And of course, almost everyone has some fear of their own mortality. The risk profile for skydiving is extremely misconstrued with the average person (research continues to show that it is a low risk activity). Regardless, those fears exist with mostly everyone when they show up at a skydive center. Anyone that has faced their fears will attest that it is extremely liberating. It leads to a complete psychological shift to approaching all fears. It’s not cliche to say the best way to face your fears is head on. 

2. You’ll Become A Paradise Engineer

Let’s get deep for a moment with this idea: skydiving could actually alter the chemical composition of your brain and thus your entire physiology. Whoa, that’s heavy. Our moods are simply chemistry occurring in the the brain. And we can alter those moods which means we can alter our own physiology. Jason Silva proposed that activities like skydiving alter the chemical composition in your brain an enable you to create blissful mind-body states. And that idea is really not that deep. You feel super happy, energetic, powerful and confident when you skydive which changes who you are as a person. That carries forward with you everyday. If you continue to make those alterations you can become your very own Paradise Engineer. Don’t believe it? Come to Edmonton Skydive, meet the team and tell them they haven’t created their own paradise.

3. You’ll Learn how To Live In the Present Moment Maybe you’ve been searching for that moment of zen through yoga or meditation, or maybe you think all of that is a bunch of new age fluffy unicorn rainbow talk. It really doesn’t matter because you’ll experience what it’s like to let go of all other thought and be completely in the moment. It’s almost impossible to think about anything other than skydiving when you’re skydiving. And it’s way more fun and cool than meditating! 4. You’ll Dream of Flying More We almost all dreamed of flying as a kid, whether that was pretending to be superman or jumping off the picnic table, it was a super human power we longed for. Maybe you already occasionally dream of flying but skydiving leaves such a lasting imprint that you’ll carry that experience with you consciously and subconsciously. Skydivers frequently dream of flying. 

5. You’ll Never Look at the Sky the Same Way Leonardo Da Vinci said, “and once you’ve tasted flight, you will walk with your eyes turned skyward, for there they have been and there they long to return.” Even if you’re a pilot or avid aviation enthusiast, getting directly into the element completely changes everything. You’ll have the perspective of full sensory interaction: feeling the temperature of the air, the wind on the your face, the view from a truly open cockpit and the g-forces from changes of speed and direction. Even after one jump, you’ll always look at the sky knowing you understand more about it than most other people.  6. You’ll be more adventurous It’s a slippery, yet radical slope you’ve found yourself on, my friend. Once you peek behind the adventure curtain there’s really no turning back. After discovering how much fun is out there to be had, you’ll immediately start looking for other adventures and explorations to conquer. None are quite as fun as skydiving but you’ll need to scratch that itch for yourself.  7. You’ll Find Lifelong Friends Our brains are hard wired to remember important information and discard the routine and mundane. That’s why we always remember the special and important occasions from years and decades ago but forget conversations from moments earlier. Skydiving is such an other-worldly experience that no matter who you’re experiencing it with, whether it be a best friend, coworker or new acquaintance, you’ll become lifelong friends. Experiencing the roller coaster of emotions on your first skydive is one of the most, unique, special and memorable experiences possible on the planet. And you’ll never forget the person that shared that with you.  8. You’ll Enjoy The Smell of Jet Fuel In truth, it’s not an overly pleasant odour but the smell of jet fuel will trigger a very Pavlovian response. Before you can wipe away the tears from the burning jet fuel you’re brain has already capitulated you into a wormhole that takes you back to that day where you piloted your body through the sky at mach chicken.

9. You’ll Reevaluate What’s Important In Life Being surrounded by people that continually pursue their passions and chase happiness inevitably will have a positive, profound impact on you. We make it a habit to collect stories instead of things, and if skydiving does that for you also, you’re welcome.


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